Teen dating violence epidemic

However, teen dating violence is epidemic at both the middle and high school levels, with most girls experiencing their first violent dating encounter by age 16. * Teen dating violence affects 1.5 million high school students (approximately 4 in 10 adolescents) in the U. * 72% of youth 11-14 are dating and 47% report some form of violence as a part of this relationship.As the age students begin to date lowers, so does the age at which violence begins.At least 19 states have laws that encourage or mandate school boards to develop curricula on teen dating violence, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. But it's hardly enough."Schools, health care providers, parents, peers, church organizations all should be involved in this," she says.

“The abuse doesn’t explode overnight,” said Andrew Guerrero, a survivor of dating abuse who had to leave Utah to get away from his abusive girlfriend.These feelings and actions are red flags that can escalate to verbal and physical threats, putdowns, cyber-bullying, emotional manipulation and physical violence.“A teen can get confused and think that jealousy is a sign of ‘endearing love,’ ” said Jennifer Ponce, a prevention education specialist at Laura’s House.Love involves much more than physical attraction and takes time to develop.And having sex to keep someone interested can backfire or worse.Also, perpetrators of teen violence are more evenly split between male and female than in adult relationships.


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