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recalls that when he was young, he never understood why the Apostle Paul talks so much about factions, malice, gossip, backbiting, and wrath.

"But when you start to work in a church, you see those things wrecking a church," he said at a recent Calvin Symposium on Worship and the Arts. Rozeboom marvels at the diversity among the team that produced the book . We came from different decades, ethnic groups, denominations, and walks of life.

Your authority only comes from Him and He has put you in this place to represent Him. You’re marring the image of Christ and portraying Him as a moody, silent, manipulative, angry, frustrated, or exasperated taskmaster. Tell them that yelling, manipulating, and the silent treatment are all just adult selfishness and sin. Gary Thomson in A Lifelong Love says it this way: “Isn’t it true that many marital arguments result from disappointment with our spouses?

And tell them that you are working on trying to be a mother that obeys God just as much as they are working to try to obey you, for Christ’s sake. We want them to be something of do something or catch something and they aren’t or they don’t, and we feel sorry for ourselves.

We are super excited for all of you to join us for a weekend of learning about faith, make long-lasting friendships, and have an opportunity to get away from New York City and enjoy the fresh air in Upstate New York.

This year’s theme is: “Transformed in Christ.” And maybe you don’t know much about what it means to follow Jesus or you’ve been doing it for a long time … We welcome ALL teenagers to come spend the weekend to journey with us!

"John Witvliet, director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, had the temerity to believe a motley group like this could come together and write a book.

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For three years, these Protestant Christians talked through worship war tensions to create a book together.With millions of Christian Mingle members worldwide, there’s never been a better time to online date. Maybe you’re hoping to share dinner and a movie with someone amazing. Or you could find that perfect match “Down Under” when you're Christian dating Australia.Are you dipping your toe back into the dating waters, with a slower pace in mind? Kisses are (maple syrup) sweet while Christian dating Canada.want to bow to the Lordship of Christ, and even after we’ve trusted Christ, our old selfish nature fights against God’s new standard for us: submission to Him. We get really uppity when our will is crossed or people question us.I don’t like it when Peter questions why I keep the water bottles in this drawer or why I don’t crush my boxes before I put them into the trash bin.AN INVITATION FROM THE CHAIR Teen Eastern Chinese Bible Conference is a place where high school students from all over New York and New Jersey gather for a weekend of learning about following Jesus, community, and fun.


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