Niche dating site tips

This then in turn can be more profitable to you online due to lower costs of customer acquisition and an online marketplace with a lot less competition.

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We talked to the men and women behind niche dating websites to find out what makes their crazy ideas so successful.

Niche dating sites – also known as “boutique” or “speciality” services – bring together people with something in common.

For instance, memberships may be made up of Christians, Harley Davidson owners, pet lovers, divorcees, millionaires, military personnel … You can also find niche dating sites based on intentions – sites for people seeking serious relationships, and sites for the more flirtatious.

Learn how to choose wisely and which are the sites in the Christian Dating section.

If you’re seeking a serious long-term relationship or marriage, consider a niche site for people interested in “serious dating” only.


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