Updating startup caches

The data is written and read only once from the buffer.

As one party would have to for the other affecting performance, the buffer alleviates this by allowing entire blocks of data to move at once rather then in small chunks.As from Spring 4.1, the cache abstraction has been significantly improved with the support of JSR-107 annotations and more customization options.The terms "buffer" and "cache" tend to be used interchangeably; note however they represent different things.I see the same (as before) "Updating Boot Caches" progress bar. The bar creeps to practically standstill at about 98%. then we should get more logging/debugging data from the get go. No messages in /var/log/I'm still on Yosemite 10.10.5. I observed the same problem (just so you know you're not alone) with Update to 3.6.


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