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DCI Gene Hunt is a fictional character in BBC One's science fiction/police procedural drama Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes.

The character is portrayed by Philip Glenister in both Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, whereas in the American version he is portrayed by Harvey Keitel.

Lucy is perpetually benumbed from prescribed medication, taken after the disappearance of her environmentalist husband, Jarrah Armstrong.

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Considering that she's still making her way in the industry, it was helpful to have a guy like him show her how it all works.'I haven't really had a large premiere before, so it's nice to have someone who knows how it goes,' the actress said.'It's kind of like I got my dream 7th grade boyfriend,' she added about Chris.

Jamie provides Martin with a clue as to the tiger's whereabouts: a drawing of the tiger near trees and small bodies of water.

From the drawing, Martin is able to deduce the tiger's location on his map.

I used a lot of that when writing on the songs''I got a lot of insight into females in general from being in a close relationship with her.

I used a lot of that when writing on the songs, because a lot of the songs are relationship-based.


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