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(Unless of course you’ve glitter-glued it together – in which case, go to the doctor’s ASAP.) At the risk of sounding like stoned hippies, your vagina is a powerful and clever thing. Remember that whatever you see is completely normal and every other girl will have had the exactly the same worry at some point. And that anyone ‘down there’ is going to recoil in horror. Waxing, vajazzling, or shaving it all off is commonplace.

Here are some of the most common fears: The most common worry of all is that your vagina looks wrong. What you choose to do with your bush is totally your own decision, though.

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The first step in fixing it is to figure out the real cause. “When you start mucking about with it by putting soap or deodorants up there, you wash out the natural bugs and can get smelly infections.” Basically – excessive cleaning of your vagina can actually lead to bad smells. “A lot of people worry they should look a certain way and that everyone else has tidy vaginas but that’s simply not the case.” If you’re not flapping about the size of your…erm…flaps, then you’re worrying they’re the wrong colour. Because those scientific diagrams you learnt about periods from in school only depict vaginas in a fetching shade of peach or light pink. Yet it’s enough to make a lot of women worry about the smell and taste of their vaginas FOREVER, even making them feel too insecure to have – or enjoy – oral sex. “The vagina is a very complex, self-cleaning ecosystem that keeps everything in balance all by itself,” says Dr Ranj.Our chatters come from all walks of life, and from almost every country that's connected to the Internet. And even if you don't have a cam, you can still enjoy our free chat and up to three streaming cams. Cam Chat has been in existence over a decade, and our streaming video cams and fun-filled chat has always been completely free for our community.We're not like those other free chat rooms that you may find elsewhere. Picture this: live camchat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to the generous support of our provider, Camamba Webcam Chat, we are able to continue bringing our streaming cams and chat straight to your computer for free.If your GP feels that your labia are perfectly normal after examining them, they may want to have a chat with you about your reasons for wanting surgery.


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