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This was an equivalent of the Mediterranean boat people. But can something not be done for all these people? A group of perhaps 200 were planning to make a run for it – which is why the Macedonian cops were standing in the hedgerows and beside the railway track. It depends, of course, how much we blame ourselves for all this.

They did not sink but they were drowning in sorrow – and desperation to reach one European country: Germany. What should we do as human beings, I asked one of the MSF women? “All we can do is try to take care of them where we find them – we have people in Macedonia, too.” Which is true. If there was justice in the Middle East, if we refrained from supporting wars and invading other countries, surely these people would not be here.

Since March 2016, 45 730 refugees have arrived in Greece. Regular irregular movements of vulnerable population have been reported from all the Balkan countries since March 2016.Motivated by the policy changes that seriously put in danger the women’s reproductive, work and human rights in general, as well as the constant attacks against the LGBT community, the program of the third festival was focused on the rethinking of the position of women and LGBT individuals within the current political environment and exploring new approaches in activism and advocacy based on collaboration and networking.This year, the festival celebrates the Women Rebel/Fighter.I came to Greece to cover Europe’s shame – the possible departure of an EU member from the great post-war unification of the continent.But I found Europe’s shame on the border between Greece and the old Yugoslav republic of Macedonia when a group of young men from Aleppo showed me the weals and cuts and bruises they had sustained at the hands of Macedonia’s border thugs.Modern day Macedonia declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and has operated as a separate country ever since.


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