Consolidating database

These cheap servers could be purchased for as little as k, a bargain when compared to the million dollar cost of a mainframe.

As minicomputers evolved into the UNIX-centric Oracle servers of the 1990s some shops found themselves with hundreds of servers, one for each Oracle database.

The problem first time was that I didn't set "Action if name is in use" flag to "Keep existing object unchanged".

Default is "Drop existing object and create a new one"[email protected] (As always) it depends.

Things were much simpler in the pre-relational days of "glass house" servers.

With IMS or IDMS on a mainframe, I would only need to perform an upgrade once, and I could easily gen-in the upgrades to dozens of "instances," all at my leisure.

Larry Ellison mentioned the Intel chips during his presentation at Oracle World 2003 in San Francisco when he noted, : If you want the world's fastest processors, you are going to be forced to pay less." There are naysayers who argue that it is not a good idea to throw everything into a single server because it introduces a single point of failure.

Will the 20 databases still be used after this process is over?

Also, what are the approximate sizes of these databases as well as the number of tables in each?

This shared data need only be stored once and then each application that needs it can access it independently.

The first step in a database consolidation project is to determine which server to include in the project.


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