Eunjung and jang woo dating how to communicate online dating

eso significa q en verdad la odio, obvio no y creo q ninguna d nosotras odie realmente a las chicas con las q los Dioses trabajan ademas todas sabemos q ellos tienen sus vidas y q llegara el dia en q se casen y tengan una familia, d q nos va a doler es cierto pero una verdadera fan siempre siempre deseara la felicidad d su artista por sobre todas las cosas…. mm apoyo a Xiahnji respecto a su comentario sobre SM…son unos hipocritas… me encanta ese hombre es guapo sexy loco sus cara de loquillo!!! Ya porq una canción sea bonita no significa q el grupo sea bueno-… pero ahí si ni se les ocurra meterse con los nenes aki… a LSM_Big_Boss yo si uso mi cerebro y una cosa el q uno diga ashhh la odio porq beso a Chunnie o la odio por lo otro yo lo dije y??? Rosy Lovers was also a very good drama&i love the chemistry between u&Han Sunhwa tho she can be a little awkward sometimes.. @Sweetie - lol you've got it all wrong, Lee Jang Woo doesn't have to thank anybody, he was already a known actor before WGM, that is the reason why WGM casted him in the first place, yes WGM made him more well known to the public but even that is due to his own charms not anybody's, if he was bland and boring nobody would have liked him but because he had a charming and naughty personality people loved him. Now that I'm watching him again in "pretty boy or bel ami", I became his loyal fan. Many thumbs up for him His acting skill is unbelievably amazing. Sure he doesn't look like the most talked about leading males (Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin...) but he's got a charm and appeal these actors don't. Love that laugh of yours in that drama haha so funny.. But he really didn't disappoint me with his impeccable performance. Because those different caracters have his outer look but totally different expressions. Please tell me why this brilliant young actor is not on producers, directors, casting directors list..should have move film and drama credits to his name than he does. I'm a huge fan of u and Ilove u so have many fans here in Iran and all of us(Iranian fans)will support u now and forever. Unnie saranghae and fighting yeah...there're so many people are hating you now.i know that just because those are envy and jealous with you, your beauty, your skill in acting, dancing, singing, and many more eunjung fighting!!! one day people will regret to make u sad and cry because they bad words n "DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE LIKE U NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE IN YOUR LIFE" JANGAN hanya Melihat kesalahan orang lain, tapi lihatlah dari sisi lain apakah kita orang yang suci dan tidak pernah berbuat salah ?

He gained further prominence when he was cast alongside Ham Eun-jung in the third season of the matrimonial reality show, “We Got Married” (2011).

He then earned his degree in Beauty Arts at Seokyeong University.

Jang Woo made his debut in 2006 with the TV drama “Hello Franceska”.

Eun Jung and Jangwoo gave us unforgettable memories which we will cherish forever. Let’s just hope that they remained friends and both of them are happy in their respective lifes =) Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo are dating in real life!

I also watched your dramas, movies and variety shows. Then i got addicted to all T-ara songs especially sugar free cos i love club music. I first saw and start liked you from Coffee House series. I thought you were adorable and a very talented young woman. I'be rooting for you in your activities, movies, and drama.


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