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The Paste writers have also strived to curate a diverse selection of choices.

Granted, filmmakers like Mario Bava and institutions like England’s Hammer Film Productions will be making multiple appearances, but we’ve worked to bring in variety whenever possibly.

Ordinary businessman Takafumi Katayama signs a contract to join a mysterious BDSM club where various dominatrixes, each with their own specialty skill, will attack and humiliate him in public.

The contract lasts for one year and no cancellation is allowed.

From Brazil to Japan to France and Senegal, from Neo-Realism to Dogme to J-horror, we've compiled a list of the very best films not in the English language (note: features, not documentaries).

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The actions by the father in the moment of the event lead to an awkward rest of the vacation for everyone. "Forrest Gump" (1994) Tom Hanks solidifies himself as one of the greatest actors of his generation with this look at a man whose life intersects with some of the greatest moments in history while trying to connect with his true love, Jenny. "Frances Ha" (2012) Greta Gerwig and director Noah Baumbach combine forces to create one of the best movies from the "mumblecore" genre.

Featuring a bunch of classic tunes, it's The King's best movie.

It's a dog-eat-dog world in this superb, multi-stranded drama.

With an incredible cast that includes Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern, and Corey Feldman, this gem is as strange as living in the suburbs really is. "The Color Purple" (1985) A look at the life of a Southern black woman (Whoopi Goldberg) over 40 years directed by Steven Spielberg received 11 Oscar nominations but didn't win a single one. What ensues is some of the most memorable comedy in movie history. "Defending Your Life" (1991) This Albert Brooks romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep is an entertaining look at the afterlife, which is really a court proceeding where it is decided if you move on or return back to earth to do it all over again. "Deliverance" (1972) Nominated for three Oscars, it's about a river trip in the South that leads to a story of survival. the Extra-Terrestrial" Steven Spielberg's classic is one of his most flawless movies.

It's caused people to be scared whenever they hear a particular banjo riff since its release in 1972. "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood" (1996) The Wayans family has always had a talent for spoofs, and in the mid-1990s Shawn and Marlon wrote and starred in this hilarious sendup of the recent African-American movies of that time. "Eddie Murphy: Delirious" (1983) & "Raw" (1987) "Eddie Murphy: Raw""Eddie Murphy Raw" Two of the greatest standup movies of all time. Eddie Murphy delivers material (and a fashion sense) that few have been able to pull off in standup. Capturing a friendship between a boy and an alien, it has a timeless quality and is something that you should watch every few years.


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