Dating people with disabil

If you take a moment to look beyond Brexit, you’ll discover that Theresa May’s Government is up to some extremely nasty things.One of those is its plan to slash the amount of money available for new sick and/or disabled claimants of Employment and Support Allowance.From April, new claimants will be hit with a reduction of £29.05 in their entitlement, which will fall to £73.10 a week, the same rate as people currently claiming Job Seekers Allowance.This follows on from the cuts that the DWP tried to implement last year, which resulted in Iain Duncan Smith's resignation.That’s when he saw a detail that stopped him in his tracks: Marietta was in a wheelchair.Her legs were small compared to the rest of her body. “I was used to suddenly becoming invisible to someone I was interested in.It can be all too easy to use your disability as a comfort-blanket by telling yourself you can’t chat someone up because you’re in a wheelchair – it may actually be because you, like many people, feel shy and need some tips on how to boost your pulling confidence. If you’ve been rejected before, it may make you afraid of making sexual approaches again for fear of facing more rejection.

So don’t define yourself by your disability; it’s only one part of you.Marietta was among the dozen or so guests already seated at the table when he finally arrived, half frozen, snow still clinging to his hair.“I couldn’t tell you who else was in the room that night,” Stephen said like a bashful teenager, years later.People with Asperger syndrome may have certain communication problems, including poor nonverbal communication and pedantic speech, but many of them have good cognitive and verbal skills.Physical symptoms may include early childhood motor delays, clumsiness, fine motor difficulty, gait anomalies, and odd movements.This ugly little policy, already the subject of considerable angst, has just been made the subject of a sharply critical report from the Work & Pensions select committee.


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