Backdating of housing benefit

If you are claiming universal credit as a couple and your partner is below pension credit age, you won't receive housing benefit and the rules are different.

Ask for your housing benefit claim to be backdated as soon as you can, if you are of working age.

You can apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Rebate if you or your partner are self-employed.

You can claim in advance by up to 13 weeks (or 17 weeks if you’re aged 60). If you’re unhappy with the response you can appeal the decision.

You can make your request when you fill in your claim form.

The form asks the date you want to claim benefit from and why you have not claimed before.

For working age customers that rent a property in one of these postcodes, you will no longer claim Housing Benefit.

If you’re claiming Universal Credit, you can get help paying for housing with your Universal Credit payment instead of getting Housing Benefit.


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