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She expresses her strongly held views on her caustic radio show, "Dear White People." Laura: If Spike Lee's "School Daze" were set at an interracial Ivy League college, then crossed with his racial satire "Bamboozled," it might look a little like writer/director Justin Simien's Sundance hit.

In trying to address the discomfort he felt as a minority seeking higher education, Simien's concocted a comedy where college types (the over-achieving legacy student, the radical, the status symbol cliquer, the loner oddball) appear more than cliches because of the racial lines they attempt to balance on, cross or erase.

What I’m trying to do is create a dialogue, so that we can take a look at this problem.

These are some PICTURES of BLACK MEN that date, and marry outside of their race.

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Recognize that you are a Hot Ticket – Start believing that you deserve only the best! Pamper Yourself – Take care of your body with makeovers, nails, new hair, and new styles – ask your friends for tips that will make you feel better about you. Treat Yourself Better – Are you eating, sleeping and exercising enough? Surround Yourself with Positive People – Find friends who are cheerleaders and make you feel good inside. You got me to practice and now I found a great guy who just gets me.” You can beam with confidence too like Precious at the end of this movie. Be bold and start making smarter choices in partners, jobs and life in general.The same goes on in his personal life as well, and he has had multiple girlfriends till now.His dating life, which is a matter of great interest to his fans, has been uncovered and it is found that he has been in three separate relationships till now.In looking at these pictures I notice that a lot of brothers are now dating Asian women, and there’s nothing wrong with that because when two people are in love, their skin color shouldn’t matter.These are some good brothers, there’s no question about that, but I’ve often heard Black men complain about Black women hot temper, and their attitude.He hires Mara Kint (Shahi), his former hostage negotiator who quit after a personal tragedy, to enter the consciousness of one of the comatose users in the hopes that she can negotiate his journey back to real life.


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