Is jewel still dating ty murray

In some cases, that has worked against her, as fans try to figure out just what genre Jewel is. "I don’t know if people perceive music differently than me.

You learn something new everyday -- and today, we're spilling some fun facts about Carrie Underwood!

“We were happy together for four years and will remain in each other’s lives,” De Laria’s Instagram post, shared days after their scheduled wedding date, read.

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Not the rote "irreconcilable differences," though that shouldn't be totally cast aside just yet since it's a legal answer.The 32-year-old "Dirty Laundry" singer opens up about date nights with husband Mike Fisher, what makes her feel sexy and her favorite treats in a new speed round of questions with Et. Pics: Carrie Underwood Dazzles in Sheer Jewel-Encrusted Gown at the Acm Awards Et: If you have one week completely off of work, how do you spend it?Carrie Underwood: I clean my house and bake, try to make food and just spend time at home with my family. Oh, lordy, there's a lot of songs I wish I'd written.from male to female) by way of surgery and hormones.A person can be post-op (has had the surgery) or pre-op (has not yet had the surgery).The Grammy-nominated folk singer made the announcement on her blog Wednesday, giving a detailed explanation of their union's "thoughtful and tender undoing" in a post titled "Dear World." "My husband, friend and partner of 16 years and I have decided to get a divorce," wrote the 40-year-old "You Were Meant For Me" singer, whose full name is Jewel Kilcher.


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