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I know that what matters to me, culturally, as a man nearing thirty (whew) isn’t necessarily the case for two teenage girls in a post- society.But, how do we avoid future Blackness deficiencies and keep our chirren from busting one another in the heads with champagne bottles on Bravo shows? What is Required Negro Viewing for the likkle yute dem in the 2000 and the 14?Nowadays, the words "young adult" point to dystopian flicks like , out in limited release today, is here to remind us that real life matters too.We don't grow up with mythical creatures in our high school hallways—we grow up seeing our exes leaning against someone else's locker or pining over the cute popular kid who doesn't even look at us.Alexander Hardy is the dance captain for Saint Damita Jo Jackson's Royal Army.

I knew that at some point, Arsenio Hall would cry for a long time. When I encounter someone old enough to understand the case against colored contacts who doesn’t know about Miss Celie’s Folkspants, I make a mental note of the exits. You would be surprised how discouraging it is to have to explain a (which had me verklempt as shit) with them, and challenge them in ways I know they’re not being challenged at school.

Be the best version of yourself and base your pursuits on true or complementary interests and habits. You want to connect with people who you look forward to being around, and vice versa.

Life should work like this: love yourself, determine the things you like, add the people you adore and go be happy. If you do the work—even if it means taking a break from dating—you will genuinely be fun because you are being your best self.

Apparently, making it to 29 without having seen Redd Foxx’s last big screen appearance was a crime against Blackness, because far too many people responded to this admission with “YOU MEAN, LIKE FOR THE FIRST TIME?

I can’t have them out here interviewing for important jobs not knowing who Shonuff is, disadvantaged and shit.


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