Save data iphone before updating

If you have those two things, setting up the data-free i Phone is easy: The first step is important because it prevents the i Phone from attempting to use data, which can inadvertently sign you up for a data plan with some carriers.AT&T has been known to detect and automatically add data plans to smartphones, whereas T-Mobile is reportedly less likely to do so.As a matter of fact, i Phone stuck on Apple logo (sometimes, we call it white Apple, or white Apple screen of death) is a common problem that most i Phone users meet.

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If you’re looking for more ideas to lower the monthly i Phone bill though, the next cheapest option – and it includes data – is to set up a prepaid i Phone, which the i Phone is unofficially capable of supporting on a pay-go basis with AT&T, or if you have an unlocked device this can work with T-Mobile too.It has been a few days since the release of long-waiting i Phone 6 and i OS 8 at the special event held by Apple.And as recommended, a large portion of new and existing i Phone users upgraded the old os to latest i OS 8 expected to have better user experience.These voice and text plans are quickly disappearing, but they can result in a low bill of around per month with plenty of talk time and text messages. Depending on how old the data-free plan is, you may need to trim down the SIM card so that it fits into the i Phone 4 and 4S micro-SIM slot.This wouldn’t be necessary for i Phone 2G, 3G, or 3GS though.Before recovery, I need to confirm with you that you have synced your i Phone with i Tunes before. You are able to preview them to decide which ones you would like to recover.


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