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Don't expect perfection from yourself or any parent--remember the man who said, "I once had six theories about how to raise children. " Consciously apply the same general approach to your blind son or daughter that you would use if he or she were sighted.

Do this in regard to personal grooming and makeup, etiquette, homemaking skills, sex education, general personal relationships, and everything else.

Let’s be honest, we all really know that blind people could rule the world.

The man who said it would b impossible to make eye contact even, as long as they were kind and considerate.

I also was laser focused on getting back to work and getting my overall health back to normal.

Once all of those things were successfully in place and I was feeling good about life again I wanted to return to the dating game. The first thing I notice was that there was little to no information available for people like me who had lost vision as a single person and wanted to date and/or get married.

First of all, consider how you would prepare a sighted son or daughter for dating and marriage.

Naturally as the voice on the wind speaks before a storm, within yourself, we all have a voice on the wind.

Voice on the wind...and be still, smell the flowers along the way. Author Cynthia~Ann Howle Hi Danny, Thanks for the tips.

I just wish the playing field was more even and I could have more control of people I engage with.

But, at the same time, I get a little bit of conversation in to see if we are hitting it off.” Jolliff, 29, has been blind since birth due to what’s known as Leber Congenital Amaurosis, a hereditary disorder in which most of the rods and cone cells in Jolliff’s retinas never developed.

Her world isn’t pitch-black, but weak muscles keep Jolliff’s eyes mostly shut.


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