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Just a few months after Japan allowed refugees to come into their country, two of them have already been arrested for gang rape.

The Tokyo Reporter reported that Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested two Turkish nationals currently applying for refugee status for allegedly raping a woman in Kita Ward. 27, Onder Pinarbasi, 22, and a 16-year-old boy allegedly took a 30-year-old woman to a public bathrooom near JR Akabane Station and sexually assaulted her.

Still, the Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo features an extensive offering of such courses, and it regularly features political and academic leaders from various Islamic and Arabic states, according to the school’s website.

The e Rumor’s claim that Muslims cannot become Japanese citizens is also false, according to a Japanese blog that specializes in immigration issues called “Becoming Legally Japanese.”“Because there is no place on the written online application for one’s religion, the Ministry of Justice can’t publish statistics showing the religions (or races) of naturalization candidates; they can only publish sex and former nationality statistics,” the blog reports.

“However, looking at the nationality statistics, we can find hundreds of examples of people from Islamic states (ex.

Indonesia, Iran and Pakistan) as well as people from nation-states where the official state religion is Islam (ex.

Summary of e Rumor: An email alleges that tight restrictions are in place to prevent the spread of Islam in Japan because Muslims are viewed as “fundamentalists” who are not willing to deviate from Muslim laws.

The Truth: This e Rumor contains false claims and generalizations about Japan’s treatment of Muslims.

Japan has religious freedom and freedom of speech guaranteed under the Constitution and Muslims are completely free to worship in public or at one of the many mosques in Japan. I think the vast majority of Japanese would find the suppressing of Islam or any other religion in Japan distasteful.

In that case, the court recognized the right to privacy of the Muslim plaintiffs with monetary damages while recognizing that the police surveillance did not violate their constitutional rights.

The key reason that Japan has not had a large scale Islamic terror attack is the effectiveness of its police force, which is vigilant against terrorism.

The woman had been visibly intoxicated and was finding her way home.

Advertisement - story continues below After violating the woman, they also allegedly stole about in cash from her.


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