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Putting rumours of a rift to one side, the love rivals have reportedly formed an alliance in recent weeks.Ellis told GLAMOUR.com: "Yeah, we're really close friends actually.Despite the show's plotline following the romance between Spencer and co-star Caggie Dunlop, lothario Spencer is reportedly dating singleton Binky.News of a possible romance was confirmed last night at the Blackberry 7 launch party in London by star Gabriella Ellis.Chloe also decided to quit the show following her split with Ollie and did not return for the third series.

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Funda left the series after 6 episodes following the breakdown of her relationship with Spencer, and Agne left during the final episode of the series after resigning from being Francis’ intern.

Spencer, Millie, and Binky will all be returning for more awkward silences, dramatic love triangles, and frustratingly pointless storylines.

But what ever happened to some of our favourite former MIC cast members?

The second series featured a few changes in the cast.

Louise returned to the show despite having other commitments in Edinburgh causing her to be absent from some episodes.


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