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There are four numerical designations (1, 2, 3, or 4) for each factor in PULHES evaluating the individual's functional capacity in that particular area. For individuals already in the service, the individual should receive assignments commensurate with his or her physical capability for military duty, such as limited duty/assignments.

Specifics follow for each medical factor: P: Physical capacity or Stamina (First number in the profile series) - Organic defects, strength, stamina, agility, energy, muscular coordination, function, and similar factors. Good muscular development with ability to perform maximum effort for indefinite periods. A physical profile containing one or more numerical designators of “4” indicates that the individual has one or more medical conditions or physical defects of such severity that performance of military duty must be drastically limited.

Four numerical designations are used to reflect different levels of functional capacity.

The basic purpose of the physical profile serial is to provide an index to overall functional capacity.

All jobs have specific standards and upon entering the military, the recruit will also be given a numerical grade of 1,2,3, or 4 for each element of the P-U-L-H-E-S acronym system.

The Physical Profile Serial System The physical profile serial system is created around the various military duties and provide a numerical standard that a medical doctor recommends during the routine recruit physical.

PULHES is a United States military acronym used in the Military Physical Profile Serial System.

The PULHES is an acronymn that stands for P - Physical Capacity / Stamina, U - Upper Body, L - Lower Body, H - Hearing, E - Eyes, and S - Stability / Psychiatric .

These physicals are based primarily upon all of the body system functions.

Great care is given to executing a medical functional grade as these grades are an analysis of the individual’s medical, physical, and mental status.

May have history of a transient personality disorder. May have history of recovery from an acute psychotic reaction due to external or toxic causes unrelated to alcohol or drug addiction. Satisfactory remission from an acute psychotic or neurotic episode that permits utilization under specific conditions (assignment when outpatient psychiatric treatment is available or certain duties can be avoided). A physical profile designation of “2” under any or all factors indicates that an individual possesses some medical condition or physical defect that may require some activity limitations.

A physical profile designation of “1” under all factors is considered to possess a high level of medical fitness.


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