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“I was busy doing what they call digitizing for 9 o’clock, so at when the first one hit, I remember I was on the set getting stuff ready and I remember concern in the newsroom, but I immediately thought, ‘Oh, they must be having tower problems. They started grounding planes.” Meade had relocated to Atlanta from Chicago only a few weeks prior and her husband was still back home tying up loose ends. 11 attacks and her first day at a new job didn’t cause enough anxiety, her husband supplied the rest.“We lived in downtown Chicago, near the John Hancock Tower and what was the Sears Tower.

The first two items come from Meade's support webpage: just click here, and perform a "Save to Disk": that link brings a 3-megabyte download.First you will need to get a Rubber Keypad Repair Kit of some kind, likely you will have to order this or look to a dedicated electronics repair store.I chose the Chemtronics CW2605 Circuit Works Rubber Keypad Repair Kit to use for my Autostar 497 reconditioning. id=32 Next you will need to get a small bottle of at least 91% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the rubber keypad contacts and the circuit board contacts.You will need a cable to connect your PC to your Autostar.For the 495/497, it is a Meade 505 cable, a non-Meade equivalent, or you can build your own from the plans at an LX200gps, you need a similar cable with the same pinout in a wider plug (RJ11/14 instead of RJ22), although a 505 cable can be used if balanced carefully in the socket.Has: 10x finer Tracking Rate, HP On at start, 'Take Fix Now', Remembers Custom Tracking Rate, Andrew's PEC editor, adds : EF command,display/edit Train Drive, autostart of satellite tracking, front power panel OFF at power-up, kill '0 to align' prompt, expanded Guide Speed, etc. have fun --dick patch RCX22Dick's 2nd edition patch kit for RCX400 firmware v2.2i..


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