Xtra dating

Not many gentlemen like me about these days is there?

I’d rather meet people by living my life out, and I usually meet people who are cool.

Plain = Lame Peri Peri Spice = very very nice "(Feel free to use that on your next advertising campaign.) "Anyways back to the story....

our food arrived and there sat my 'plain' chicken with my extra hot flag stuck in it staring back at me in all its impressive glory! "I couldn't even speak let alone chat the poor girl up.

: I can’t think of anything that affects my dating life today, but I was taught and equipped, in a way, to be aware that as a black man, there are some things to be mindful of — to be aware of the partners that you choose.

And that if I was ever accused of anything, that the scales would be tipped against me because I’m a black male in the world, so I’ve had to be very mindful of romantic situations that I’ve been in.


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