Prank dating website ideas for updating facebook business page

Just remember that common sense plays a huge factor in what you do on Facebook.

If you don’t want any of your personal data shared (telephone number, address etc.), either don’t post it at all or make sure that your settings are as secure as Facebook can make them.

Anyone who’s ever had a fleck of the stuff on their cheek for days on end can tell you.

So when it comes to friendly warfare with your buddies, glitter just might be the greatest weapon you’ve never thought of.

This would most definitely happen if you post a comment that does not really agree with the rest of the active people on that thread, causing them to think that you are trying to spark an argument on purpose.

Even better, a site called Ship Your Enemies is standing by, ready to send anonymous glitter to anyone you want for around . If you’re looking to confuse and amuse a dear friend or family member, it doesn’t get better than this.

Let me introduce you to the online services Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend, which will engage your friend with text messages as if they were his or her significant other.

Sometime last week, two guys launched a “dating” site with 250,000 users.

Which would be a huge launch except for the fact that the users joined the site without actually knowing about it. Their reasoning is explained in detail on their site.


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