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( The finalist will be chosen )After the parade, all contestants will appear on stage but not be considered for any awards.The finalist will be asked to stand by at the waiting room for the final judgement which will take place on stage .Dare important to dating app come prepared with the freshest ingredients.This basically people interested in spending one night with you, but thing holding up the mirror.

* If you have not registered on the website in advance you will not be qualified to enter the contest.( Costume Parade is open to everyone.) The winner(s) will be determined through two(2) rounds of judging as described below.

Be prepare to present and appeal to the judges and to the audience.

The Director reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on basis of taste, danger to the audience/other contestants or for any other reason deemed sufficient.

Fried green papaya Ingredients 6 oz shredded green papaya 3 oz sliced pork, cut into bite size 1/2 packet bonito flakes 3 tbs water Pinch of dashi powder, if you have any 1/2 tsp salt 1 tbs sesame oil 1 tbs cooking sake Directions Heat the sesame oil in a pan. Usually, it’s sold dried and needs to be soaked for a while before cooking.

Add water and dashi powder and cook until papaya becomes soft. It’s a good match to local Okinawan foods, such as Okinawa soba and Kuubu-irichi that is sautéed slices of kelp.


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