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UK NARIC is the designated United Kingdom national agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills.

It performs this official function on behalf of the UK Government.

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That being said, you do need to sanitize input, to avoid the Little Bobby Tables problem.The Council of Validating Universities is the only body in the UK specialising exclusively in good practice and standards for that aspect of higher education which concerns the validation of programmes of study by universities and colleges (‘awarding institutions’) for delivery by other colleges or organisations (‘partner institutions’).The term ‘collaborative provision’ is often used to describe this form of partnership.Our Core Business is: Diversity Management, Culture and Climate Surveys, Employment Equity, Change Management, Strategic Alignment, Organisational Design and Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Policy and Procedure, Management Development Programmes and Performance Management Systems.Other business includes: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Remuneration Strategy and Pay, Talent Management, Professional Business Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, Critical Thinking, Negotiation Skills, Customer Care, , Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management.For individuals – do you want to study, work, or settle in the UK? For organisations, UK NARIC provides vital support to universities, colleges and employers with international recruitment and the processing of international applications for work or study.


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