Dating women with generalized anxiety disorder

that oneself or one's family could become seriously ill or have an accident. How do you find out if you have generalized anxiety disorder? The worries relate to various areas about which other people also worry, e.g.reports about accidents), or try, for example, to reassure themselves that their family members are well and that nothing is going to happen.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 18 percent of Americans have an anxiety disorder.

Helpful information and links People with generalized anxiety disorder suffer from a constant feeling of worry and tension with regard to everyday events and problems.

But people with generalized anxiety disorder worry excessively, even if there is no particular danger.

GAD in particular is marked by extreme feelings of fear and uncertainty; people with the disorder live in a state of non-stop worry and often struggle getting through their daily lives.

"Patients experience anxiety and worry and respond excessively to emotionally negative stimuli, but it's never been clear really why," said Amit Etkin, MD, Ph D, acting assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and first author of the study.


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