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Better yet, they came with a one-page instruction sheet, like a very frank and honest victrola needle FAQ, that talked about the reasons why you are supposed to use one needle per record play, what you can get away with, and other options.

Loud is really loud by the way, depending of course on your victrola.

The speaking person projected his words through the large end of a megaphone that tapered off to a small end to which was affixed a thin diaphragm.

A thin brush was attached to the diaphragm which “recorded” tiny tracks on blackened glass as the diaphragm vibrations replicated the sound vibrations of the human voice.

Experimenting with a stylus (hard-pointed instrument like a large needle) on a tinfoil cylinder, Edison spoke into the machine.

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I use them as replaceable probe tips, not to play records. Is your machine in your home (not many potential buyers will see it there) or it is for sale at an antiques plaza (lots of foot traffic! Also, we must consider the region of the country you live in.A machine that sells for only 0 in a rural section of Michigan might sell for twice that amount in New York City.The next time you listen to a favorite album, you can thank Thomas Edison for discovering the secret to recording sound.Before there were CD players and tape decks, there was the phonograph.August 12, 1877 is the date popularly given for Thomas Edison's completion of the model for the first phonograph.


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