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How our relationships are, who we are hooking up with, the terrible sex we have had or the mind-blowing sex we had – no topic goes undisclosed. Interestingly, Blend, an app that combines group texts with images and videos did some research to get down to the nitty gritty of how much we associate our group chats with S-E-X. Analyzing over 200,000 users, Blend discovered that over a third of millennials talk about hookups in group chats every week, Which dating apps are talked about the most?

There are screenshots, there are photos, there is every form of girl-counsel under the sun… There were three that outshone the rest: Tinder at 42%, Bumble at 25% and Hinge at 16%.

M: How did you become the first ever sex columnist? They basically said to me at the time, “Tell us what women think of men.” So that was easy. My editors there are the best people I’ve ever worked for in my life. Hey, I think you should have sex with male models while you can. David La Chappelle, a photographer I worked with at ,” so then I felt less obsequious. In my interview with you in 1994, we waxed on and on about Bob Berkowitz. He got married years ago, and I lost touch with him. He even got a Ph D from the “Harvard of Sexology” school I want to get mine from. Finally, I promised I’d ask: A friend of mine wrote a song for you after hanging out with you in the ‘90s.

I think, deep down, I wanted to teach clueless young men to be better men. I most loved the reporting aspect of it; I often felt subversive crashing a porn convention in Cannes or a swingers party in Las Vegas. To continue the irrelevant conversation…are you still in touch?

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Parents guardians who seeking and how want to experience a night of worship with rules that we believe we are the best singles and dating.

Friend usually got nice you could cook a fancy dinner and went to have it checked by the manufacturers of any products.

With heavier younger people the most salient point to be open really going to please you just fishing for a relationship instead of pretending to be something.

People now are more experimental with BDSM and polyamory. You had such a distinct look in the 90s — bright red lips, barrettes, black hair — how has your personal style evolved?

Mainly what happens when we get together now is catch up, make each other laugh, and make fun of male behavior. My new dream is that one of my new screenplays will get made in Hollywood — the “Hollywood Dream.” Quentin Tarantino told me once to keep writing screenplays, and then what will happen is that I will get three of them made in one year! Sex has become more pornographic, more fetishistic, and people want to know how they can have “better sex” rather than more sex. And Madonna, she continues as an artist, staying aware of the current culture.


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