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There was no reaction from Blue Devils fans seeing North Carolina's 6-foot-10 leading scorer and rebounder.

His legs, casually stretched out over a second row of bleacher seats, revealed the small interlocking "NC" logo in Carolina blue etched near his pants pocket.

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Johnson said he tries not to wear any Carolina gear when he's coming to Cameron, but he had just finished practice.

"We have a lot in common."Faith Suggs is a 6-foot-1 freshman forward for the Blue Devils.

The two have been dating, which explains Johnson's foray into what would otherwise seem like enemy territory.

In 1990, Rose left CBS to serve as anchor of Personalities, a Fox TV-produced syndicated program, but six weeks into production and unhappy with the show's soundbite-driven populist tabloid-journalism approach to stories, Rose left.

On September 30, 1991, Charlie Rose premiered on PBS station Thirteen/WNET and has been nationally syndicated on PBS since January 1993.


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