Names to call a girl your dating

Wow, calling your girlfriend like this leaves the impression of a real macho guy, James Dean in the announce.

20 Cute names to call your girlfriend Sweet names for partners are nothing new; couples have been doing it forever!

Most sweet names are complimentary, some are a bit silly and others are just plain daft, but it beats calling your girlfriend Mrs Smith all the time. It’s a bit old hat, but no girl can take offence at being called gorgeous, so it’s a good place to start. Cutie pie Cutie pie is another one of cute names to call your girlfriend. Telling a girl that she is a Cutie pie, she looks attractive, even first thing in the morning when, quite frankly, she doesn’t, will always earn you some points. Darling You can’t really go wrong with this one either, although it can sound a bit upper class and old fashioned. Cuddle Bug This one’s for those cute moments, when all you want to do is cuddle up in front of the TV and a warm fire. Honey Bunch What could be sweeter than a bunch of honey? Unless, of course, you are feeling especially brave or just want a swift end to the relationship. Sweet Little Dumpling You’re going to have to be careful with this one.

Here are twenty names that you might want to call your girlfriend, not including the names that you call her when you see the joint credit card statement! But, then again, wouldn’t a bunch of honey also be a sickly, sweet, gooey mess? Your girlfriend might well be comfortable with her curvy figure, but it depends on the tone of voice, and the context, that you use with this name.

Call on, like, Tuesday or Wednesday for a date that weekend.

The new __________ (fill in the blank) movie is opening this weekend, and I was calling to ask you to go with me.

The important thing is to pick ones that not only we like, but the people we call them like as well. Often pet names come about as we find ourselves in a specific situation – maybe you go sailing one summer and come to call your girlfriend “Sailor Girl,” as you start calling her that during the vacation and later associate it with good memories. The better you know your girl, the better you’ll be at coming up with cute pet names for her. And it sort of implies she does have a bubble butt, so obviously that’s a prerequisite.18. Just watch out though – some rem strippers go by this name too…19.

This is also how we sometimes end up with completely weird names that become incredibly cute by association. If you are looking for some inspiration, you’ll find a list below. Beautiful – this is a good one as beautiful signifies more than just looks; it takes into account personality as well.10. Bootylicious – if her booty is delicious and you know her well enough to make a comment about it!

Pet names can be cute and special, as they are terms of endearment. Bubble Butt – this is not as cute as it is sexy, so your relationship should have reached a certain level before using this one. Those sweet little cuddly bears that made the world a better place to be. You could be saying that she has a beautiful face, but it could equally be suggesting that she needs to take some makeup lessons! Angel eyes What better way to tell her how special she is than to compare her to an angel.Plus, complimenting any girl’s eyes will always be a winner. Babe This is a name that is best reserved for private use because, if you call a girl that you don’t know well ‘Babe’, she might take offence.However, there are also many cute names to use that that are situation independent as well. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments! Baby Doll – it happens to be my favorite perfume, but it’s also an excellent term of endearment – sweet as a baby doll.7. Blondie – if she’s blonde and she knows you like it.11. Bond Girl – if she’s as sizzling as a Bond babe, then why not call her as such? Boo or My Boo – well, because she’s your boo of course! Of course, it helps if you’ve got some James Bond joke going on between the two of you and she calls you Bond. The most important part about nicknames is that both partners are satisfied.


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