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The new face of domestic violence is getting younger and your child can be in danger right at school.Eighty-one percent of parents don't believe that teen dating violence is an issue and many surveyed couldn't even identify the warning signs that their child may be in trouble.This page is devoted to all the wonderful brave people who have shared their domestic violence stories, feelings and experiences to help others.These survivors had the strength to live through the Hell which is Domestic Abuse, the strength to fight it and break free, and are willing to help others in similar situations to realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope and there is freedom.There are stories from women with disabilities and from young people under 25.Teen dating violence, also known as intimate partner violence or intimate relationship violence, is a serious problem in the U.I thought I could give him a second chance and he would change but that was a mistake.We dated off and on for three years because I though he was the best I could get. When he would shoot up he would hurt me, choke me, hit me and would tell me if I didn’t do drugs with him he would put it in my arm for me.

Unless you specifically specify otherwise, copyright will be assumed by Hidden Hurt.My unhealthy Relationship…I started dating a guy freshman year that I fell head over heels for.He took my virginity that year and I later found out he was cheating on me.Please also not that there is now a second page of personal domestic abuse stories here!"I keep thinking if I just stopped and looked I would've seen the signs and could have ran away before it got to the point of being too scared to even leave the house.After being treated like crap for years I realized that I thought it was normal for a boyfriend to treat their girl like that.


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