Validating textbox javascript

this does not have " " here "toggle plus" create image botton that is " " button that has onclick function to validate when i click first 2 textboxes should be valiadted here i need to validate wheather first feild is added that is name is entered then age should be entered compulsary before saving.

Hi Thank you for reading my post My problem is : How i can check a text box entry (I use struts framework view) when user exit that text box ?

Checking for form completion: The first step of form validation is to check, whether the user have entered information in all the fields or not.

If the string value is numeric, it will return true, otherwise it will return false.

Validation codes will return an alert message, if it finds some empty fields in the form.

I should mention that : I read some data from the db , then fill a form with those data and show it to my user Now if user edit them , then some certain field should not be empty .This tutorial will show you how to create a Java Script-enabled form that checks whether a user has filled in the form correctly before it's sent to the server. First we'll explain why form validation is a useful thing, and then build up a simple example form, explaining things as we go along.At the end, there's a little exercise to keep you busy too!If you want to show all the error messages together, then just call the Enable Msgs Together() function as shown below.Sometimes it may be required to validate certain fields only on certain conditions.There are two main methods for validating forms: (usually done using Java Script).


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