Irish travelers dating rituals

While I have nothing but respect for the Irish Traveller community, you seem to be unaware that we are two distinct ethnic groups and thus there are many differences between our cultures.

Appleby Horse Fair has existed under the protection of a charter granted by James II since 1685.Irish Travellers are a recognised ethnic minority with their own language, called Shelta.This is spoken in different dialects including Gammon/Gamin and Cant. Customs such as cleanliness and hygiene, music and singing, horsemanship, the family, respect and care for elders in the community are at the heart of Irish Traveller culture.Being free to travel is an idea that is still very important even for Travellers who live in houses.Through the years Irish Travellers have had diverse dealings with Romany Gypsies and both peoples attend important fairs together, such as Appleby Fair in Cumbria in June.As contributor Jake Bowers told the BBC, about half of Britain’s GRT community live in permanent housing, while others live on authorised public caravan sites or private camp sites with permission for long term stays, all of which are subject to council tax and utility payments.


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