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She is said to be a “fairy from nine skies” for read more I was craving for a wuxia series when I started watching it.

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I can't wait to watch her new drama but still, I will continue to watch their drama with Jaerim. =) Pouting that she didn't go to the 2015 MBC Drama Awards... Is this her first year that she didn't attend any drama awards in December? Or any sponsors now that she's not affiliated with Fantagio anymore??? I felt like this show should have come with a warning sign that some viewership is advised.That being said, the acting and casting choices, I thought were actually perfect.Each actor portrayed their role as they were given (Though I'm not happy what they were given), the did a marvelous job.I despised the bad girl, I feel in love with the main character, and despite my best judgement I was drawn in by the male lead.Sibtit, a bad boy, and charming cowboy from the Faculty of Agriculture.


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