Validating user input in php

However, if you're ever going to dynamically execute code from the db, then you have to be careful (such as using the exec() statement.

I think that the assumption that every website must accommodate every possible name is fallacious.

Although this seems like a trivial question, I am quite sure it is not :) I need to validate names and surnames of people from all over the world. If it were only English ones I think that this would cut it: I doubt that this is feasible - there are just to much Unicode symbols to exclude all unwanted symbols (and how will tell you what Chinese symbols to exclude?

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After the mammoth previous section this one is much easier to get through.

It is dependent upon the use of the exec() function, so make sure you can use exec().

While in safe mode you must consider the safe_mode_exec_dir directive.

This can make it easy to ask for a username and password combination like the example below: The general mechanism is that you can supply several variable names to read.

Read will then take your input and split it on whitespace.


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