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Yesterday the childrens book writer assured fans he would still be keeping his commitments.He posted on Twitter: "The #Walliams Whirlwind helicopter tour of schools for @World Book Day UK tomorrow will go ahead as planned so not to disappoint my young fans."Today he added: "It's finally here, @World Book Day UK & the #Walliams Whirlwind is about to begin! It is due next year and we both couldn't be happier.But menu choices aside, Amanda went on to address David’s choices in the underwear department – revealing that ‘he’s a Y-fronts boy’.‘But,’ she pointed out, ‘they were soft grey so they were all right.In a candid discussion about his bisexuality, the 45-year-old comedian explained that he 'wouldn't rule out' a same-sex relationship in the future.'I had gay experiences growing up, which I enjoyed. Sometimes I think it would be simpler if I wasn’t because people think I’m gay and I’m camp.

Before even opening his mouth, David rose and said 'it's a yes from me' before reaching over for the golden buzzer and pretending to press it.

The cop, from Kingston Police, took off his hat and placed it on David's head while he broke into a body-popping dance routine.'It’s wonderful to see you in uniform,' David said.

'Don’t be afraid to take it off.'He later chased the PC off the stage, following the routine, which saw him sent through to the next round.

' 'Walliams gaypropriating again,' came another viewer's curt tweet, followed by someone else posting: 'Another year where Walliams is gay for pay! 'Elsewhere, one tweeter defended the comedy star: 'To those ridiculing David Walliams over his sexuality, 1st, don't assume to know someones sexuality. ' Others were loving the former Little Britain star: 'I say it every year but David Walliams is the best addition to this show I swear!

''David Walliams is my spirit animal,' came another post, with a heart emoji thrown in for good measure.


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