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The number of certified sex-addiction therapists has more than doubled since 2008, according to the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals.

Hookup apps like Tinder (26 million matches per day) and Grindr (1.6 million active daily users) are growing wildly and multiplying, like real-life manifestations of the futuristic smartphone imagined by Gary Shteyngart in which rates the "Fuckability" of everyone around you.

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Basically: Women are more likely to want a guy who seems like he would be a responsible, caring parent; guys are more likely to want a girl who seems like she would look good in a bikini. Local and federal officers were there to make the arrest in room 116 of an Econo Lodge. Image Credit: Andy Pederson Realizing this man was a pervert, the prostitute cooperated with police and undercover officers to have the man put behind bars.The birthday girl is an expat from Ohio who works as a tour guide in Saigon.Her friend and coworker is an Australian girl whose boyfriend is from Cambodia.I’m in Bangkok at the birthday party of someone I don’t know.


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