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Garrus always held a special place in her heart, as a friend. Shepard inwardly cringed at the automatic response, trying desperately to remember why she was here."Yeah," she said slowly, "Just wondering if you were ok with how everything went down on the Citadel."He paused and looked thoughtfully at her, "Yeah, I think so. Alcohol was like a truth serum for her, so she really shouldn't get drunk in front of the fascinating turian that, unbeknownst to him, held her affection."Sure I'd love to," she heard herself saying. She gave him a good frown and headed toward the bar. She turned around and looked at her crewmates, obviously having a good time. He asks Shepard out on a date—because apparently this is how you show a human female that you are interested—and she is dancing with another guy. Apparently he didn't read the right material or watch the right vid. He had been pretty hopeful when he saw how she had dressed, and then felt terribly awkward as they were walking to the bar, and now this looked like a total disaster. Proud that she was able to save Joker, and help humanity…blah, blah, blah. "Her body volunteered a very sexual reply to that question. She actually had put on make-up, so that was probably what was so different."You look…nice," he finally said. A delicious asari potable, but not terribly strong."I'll have a beer," Garrus said to the bartender, joining her at the bar. He had to admit that, even while fuming over the way she backed her hips into the turian's groin. Garrus Vakarian is a fictional character in Bio Ware's Mass Effect franchise, who acts as a party member (or "squadmate") in each of the three games in the original trilogy.Garrus is a turian, one of the various alien species in Mass Effect, and is voiced by Brandon Keener.Author's Note: Rated M for sexual content and language. I've mostly used those separation marks to indicate a change in POV. See you on the flip side."With that she sauntered over to the dance floor. For a moment she closed her eyes and pretended that this dance was for him. Turning, she saw a turian face and was hopeful for a moment before she noticed that the facial markings were all wrong. Please let me know if this is working or if it is distracting. Garrus's design was altered throughout the series, though his blue-and-black colour scheme and visor were maintained in all his appearances.Developers were initially worried that Garrus, as well as the rest of the alien squadmates, would not prove emotionally compelling, but were surprised by positive fan feedback and added him as a romance option in the second game due to it.

The events detail the dance and then go further, describing how Shepard and Garrus test the limits of their Reach and Flexibility in Shepard's apartment. Shakarian Romance, Fluff, Smut, Sex.-Brought over from FFN. Original Publish Date July 25, 2014.- Das letzte, woran sich Jane erinnert ist, wie sie von der Explosion der Normandy in die ewige Stille des Weltraums geschleudert wird und langsam begleitet von dem Lärm ihrer eigenen panischen Atmung erstickte.

Her stomach did somersaults, her heart ached, and her skin itched. Except she tried that, got the guy—he was even turian, in case she was just interested in Garrus because of his exotic appeal—and took him to a private room. Calibrations."Shepard," he said, apparently startled by her appearance, "Need me for something? But she wouldn't get shit-faced, not with Garrus around. Garrus showed up at the airlock first, which wasn't a surprise. It fell past her shoulders, framing her slightly tan face. She quickly saw that Jacob, Jack, Tali, Thane…and even Grunt were already well into the bottle. Silently shaking her head as she heard Grunt yell something about being Krogan, she bellied up to the bar and asked for a Thessian Sunrise.

Quick trip to Dark Star Lounge, find a willing partner and that would be that. He had a knack for that sort of thing, and unfortunately that was one thing that made her absolutely crazy in love with him. Silently scolding her body, she walked up silently, looking at the work he was doing at the terminal. It's been a long time since she actually had a drink. Oh, god, this was going to be a long night."Shepard," Garrus called, surprise evident in his voice as he studied her."Good Lord, Garrus," she finally said, "I don't look that different."For the evening she finally let her ebony hair down out of its efficient bun. They walked in comfortable silence until they got the bar.

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