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Globally recognized as a rich dating site, Millionaires4dating connects attractive and wealthy people with each other, helping you find love that has always seemed elusive.Whether you are a millionaire man looking for real love or a gorgeous beauty looking to date a millionaire, we can definitely help you find the right match.Was it the ill-considered marriage, the line of perfumes for Wal-Mart, the arrests, the profligate spending or the taking-yourself-way-too seriously? Hey, I go where the news is, but the loud and persistent outcry to "move on" did influence me to ratchet back my Brit coverage just a hair. But, despite a handful of half-hearted protestations, we dismiss dimming stars quicker than Sarah Larson can say "I dated George Clooney for five minutes." So, today's exercise -- another that may help to inform the upcoming 2008 Celebritology Honors -- is to play the role of merciless ax man (or woman). Which celebrities have had more than their allotted 15 minutes of fame (and far too many second chances) and should exit stage left to perhaps resurface on a reality show a few years out? Some food for thought: Michael Phelps backlash has been quietly building in the Celebritology comment community.Life plays its turns and twists and you might be one of the wealthiest persons in town, but lacking an active love life – finding it hard to find satisfaction and happiness. Here, we will connect you with attractive singles who are looking for real love and can become long-term partners in your wealth, health, and prosperity.Millionaires4dating is the right platform where successful, affluent men looking for that someone special can meet glamorous women, who seek a privileged lifestyle where they can enjoy it all with their dream guy.

But hackers are likely to target you as well – though perhaps with smaller repercussions for the world as a whole.

Perhaps we should be more forgiving because, after all, the lives of the stars are a reflection of our own lives writ large.

Luckily, that decision coincided with Brit's improved behavior. Paris Hilton's stardom or her ability to attract paparazzi by the dozens? Well, that about covers our usual snarkfest menu, doesn't it?

With no fake profiles, we are the most appropriate platform for singles looking for real life love.

Whether you are a top model interested in dating wealthy men or somebody simply looking for another successful and wealthy person, you will find it all here! Our millionaires dating site welcomes every quality single who can add value to someone’s life and become a real life partner.


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