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Vertical red lines indicate scaffold breaks for strains.

Babazadeh S, Ghorbani MR, Bröcker M, D'Antonio M, Cottle J u.a. Late Oligocene-Miocene mantle upwelling and interaction inferred from mantle signatures in gabbroic to granitic rocks from the Urumieh-Dokhtar arc, south Ardestan, Iran.

I have owned original 62 Stratocasters and an original 1959 sunburst Les Paul flametop.

I sold that to a band mate in 1968 for what today is equal to 500$, because he was a better lead player than I was!! I have just sold my 1966 Gibson ES 345 and my original 1958 les Paul junior.

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I have always been collecting, selling and buying guitars, and I have made a lot of mistakes buying and selling original Fender and Gibsons.

Teodoro Agoncillo, historian, recorded in his book The Revolt of the Masses, that it was in Balintawak that Andres Bonifacio and the other Katipunan leaders first gathered after the society was discovered by the Spaniards.

They gathered first on August 19 in Balintawak, stayed there for one night and one day.

Challenges, advances and perspectives in Island Biogeography.

Evidence for multiple founding lineages and genetic admixture in the evolution of species within an oceanic island weevil (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) super-radiation.


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