Are charles kelly and hillary scott dating

So when an artist feels their fans are showing interest in new directions their music may be heading, they pay attention.

For Lady Antebellum, that fan enthusiasm is now leading them in new musical directions.

When country trio Lady Antebellum broke wide open, fans fell in love with the instantly likable booty-call ballad “Need You Now.” The song had the band’s Hillary Scott pleading: “It’s a quarter after 1, I’m a little drunk, and I need you now. But it felt very natural, and we wanted to make sure that making the jump from theaters to civic center to arenas was right because it’s a huge investment. You quadruple, if not times-ten, the personnel on the road.

Said I wouldn’t call, but I lost all control, and I need you now.” That the band’s latest single, “Just a Kiss,” is the delicate, almost prudish antithesis to that sensual hit isn’t lost on Scott. A: I was so stressed about wedding planning, and sometimes it would creep into the show. Q: You all wrote “Need You Now” and the new “Dancin’ Away With My Heart” with songwriter Josh Kear. He’s so good with lyrics and melodies, and it really gels well with what we naturally bring to the table.

held at Toshiba Plaza on Sunday (April 2) in Las Vegas, Nev.

The band took the stage during the show to perform “You Look Good” for the screaming crowd. 🎺🎺🎺Had so much fun during that #ACMs #You Look Good performance!!!

At least they hired someone for their good acting for a change. In fact I think she stole the show right our from under him. I am back, fresh off the heels of my star turn as Lorelei Lee-zard at the beautiful downtown Chillicothe Playhouse.

I had started to prepare the new thread myself, but sadly succumbed to the rigors of jet lag and my boffo stint on the boards. It turned into a great storyline for the two actresses playing Jessica and Natalie, but was as far from credibility as any storyline I'd ever seen.

This gentleman certainly prefers the voluptuous Ms. Where could our Viki Sleestack fit into the Port Charles canvas?

"I really trusted my gut."Those sessions resulted in his first solo album, "The Driver," released in early February on Capitol Nashville.

It's a gritty, organic song cycle that finds vocalist Kelley stretching out stylistically from Lady A's polished pop-country and singing with a somewhat rougher edge. Although Kelley is psyched about his solo tour, he makes it clear that he's just moonlighting for a short time from Lady Antebellum.


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