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There, he began writing lyrics which would later appear on Answer That and Stay Fashionable and Very Proud of Ya.After gaining some popularity in their absence, AFI played a reunion show at the Phoenix Theater for several hundred fans.Adam shares he started getting sick over the weekend and he says that he doesn’t count an illness unless someone misses work or calls in ill, to avoid doing something.Adam is now talking about his wife and kids vomiting and crapping up the house, they’re all sick and his wife couldn’t even get to the bed as she was so physically sick.When there are so many themes running through the record, people choose which they want to focus on, which are more poignant to them at that point in their lives.The title really speaks to all the different levels that are on the record.

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"Jade produced the new record and I think that helped us to throw out some of those processes that are often totally unnecessary.

Our approach is much more focused and methodical now that we're so well versed in the recording process." It’s clear that AFI are operating as a harmonious unit; they have the ‘all for one, one for all’ gang mentality that only the strongest of bands are able to nurture and maintain.

The current line-up has been preserved since 1998, an impressive feat by anyone’s standards, but Havok points out a practical reason why the band have stayed together this long.

BB has a nice use of the “Number Two” drop from Dawson, Adam went out and took a hot yoga class, pm on Friday night and he says there was nothing else one would rather not do while feeling sick.

Adam is talking about how soaked he got while doing his hot yoga session, he talks about the shirt fighting him while he tried to pull it off, he couldn’t defeat his sweat soaked shirt.


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