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In some cases, you can transfer the users' data—email, calendars, documents, sites, and more. Use the Admin console—You can use the data migration service to transfer email. Use a migration tool—You can use the GSMME tool to transfer email from your old G Suite account.

The tool requires some technical knowledge, and you need to install it first. Let users transfer their own email—Your users can use Mail Fetcher to transfer email from their old Gmail account.

You'll want to turn on the "Multiple sign-in" option under 'My account".

I've found that Google Voice still always defaults to the wrong account, and I have to switch to it using 'Switch account' option each time I log in (look in the upper-right, click on your e-mail address after enabling Multiple sign-in).

Your Google Voice number can be moved to the new Google account, though.

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She, as with most successful CEOs, is the result of a program that assured her own quality and taught her to assure the quality of her people and firm.

Download a Drive file—Using Google Drive, your users can download a file (or multiple files) to their computer.

Then, they can move the files to Drive in their new G Suite account. Share files—You can share individual files with people in your new account.

Domain aliases will work, but all sites will share the same limitations on how many users can be created (quotas).

Separate accounts will each have their own independent quotas. Personally I wound up going with a domain alias because it's simpler, and since these are personal websites I'm really the only one who needs an email account (and I'm nowhere near hitting my quota), but I imagine most people would not be in my situation.


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