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Vrysi // 1 minute by foot Iliggas // 5 minutes by car driving towards Anopolis Ammoudi // 5 minutes going East Fylaki// 7 minutes going East by car Koutelos // 10 minutes by car at Vouvas village Fragokastelo // 20 minutes by car Glyka Nera (sweet waters) // 5 minutes by sail Marmara //10 minutes by sail read more Sfakia is located on the Southern and Eastern sides of Lefka Ori at a distance of 75 Km from Chania.The “Sfakia people” are the only Cretans that dealt with sea transport and trade during the Ottoman domination.Thanks to it’s geographical location and the bravery of the Rebels they remained without slavery.Nowadays, the residents are occupied with tourism, live-stock farming, agriculture and fishery.The rich traditions and customs of the place are greatly supported by the locals who are trying to save them with every way.Sfakia is the best spot to use as a base so you can be able to explore that side of Crete.


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