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It usually happens while chatting online or when you have close friendships with the opposite sex, which may or may not lead to any physical intimacy.” A platonic relationship can lead to emotional sex when we become emotionally dependent on the person, and feel-good brain hormones are released similar to when one thinks about the person we love.” However, before you let your emotions take over, and throw caution to the wind, it’s important to delve further and find out whether these It is easy to get confused when you share a good friendship with someone of the opposite sex.

However, the difference between a platonic friendship and one that has entered the danger zone of emotional sex is that there is no attraction or sexual chemistry involved in the former.

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Tank shares two case studies with us to explain the impact of emotional sex on relationships.

In the first case Rahul Seth, who was happily married, felt isolated since his wife was very busy with their new born babies (they had twins).

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