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It arrived still packed in the original Springfield Armory storage cosmoline wrappings.

Thanks to all the members who have contributed the above pictures..was a team effort! Mine is: Manufacturer: Springfield Model 87A Factory: Chicopee Falls Barrel: Patents: 2094577, 2224758,2223093, RE22585,2271576. Stock: Birch Trigger guard: Formed steel trigger guard, stock not inletted for it. Manufacturer: Stevens model 87B Factory: Savage Arms Corporation, Chicopee Falls, Mass. Roll marked .22 Short, Long or Long Rifle (No “Greaseless” notation) Patents: 2094577, 2224758, 2223093, RE22585, 2271576 Receiver and sights: Standard early post and rear sights. Barrel: 24” Not roll marked for ammunition other than in the manufacturers roll mark.

A=49, B=50, C=51, D=52, E=53, F=54, G=55, H=56, I=57, J=58, K=59, L=60 M=61, N=62, P=63, R=64, S=65, T=66, U=67, V=68, (W=69, X=70) The alpha code should be preceeded one or two numbers enclosed in a circle on top of the barrel, between the rear sight & the receiver, as in this pic of a 6D... Disregard the large O since O & Q were not used in the codes. Thanks again Bob This post contains somewhat of a chronology & links to all the patents found on these guns: Manufacturer: Ranger 101.16 Factory: Unknown Patents: 2094577 plus "Others Pending" Barrel: 24” marked “Cal.22 long rifle smokeless greased only” Receiver & Sights: Gold bead-tipped front and stamped metal rear. 2 5/16" on center), flat plug, 8 gills on left, 1 on right Charging Handle: Flat, 3/4" diameter Trigger Mechanism: Long Lifter: Solid with coil spring Stock: Birch with creek swell Trigger Guard: Plastic, inletted Mag: Tube Manufacturer: Stevens for Sears (Ranger model 101.13) Factory: Unmarked but probably Chicopee Falls Patents: 2094577 Others pending. Trigger mechanism: Short Lifter: Wire “R” lifter spring, probably stepped pivot pin.

Charging Handle: Large grooved Trigger Mechanism: Long Lifter: Solid. Anyone with new information needs to post at the end of this thread & the DB will be updated from there to the link . Barrel: 24” roll marked “Cal .22 long rifle smokeless greased." Charging handle: Probably (partzer) large grooved.

For information regarding the repair and/or parts of Savage Industries, Inc.

firearms, please refer to the Trademark Index in the back of this text. firearms may be obtained by contacting the Numrich Gun Parts Corporation located in West Hurley, NY (listed in Trademark Index). pre-December 1968, serial number records can be researched from the original company ledgers for rifles, pistols, and shotguns that were serialized.


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