Dating boss

This article will walk you through assessing the risks, and then give you some tips for flirting with your boss, should you choose to proceed.

Around four months ago a colleague I work with, let’s call her Naomi, started dating our boss. That was fine because it didn’t really affect me or the rest of the staff. Two weeks ago our boss took Naomi to a dinner meeting with our biggest client.

You’ve said that your boss is starting to deal with you differently. A supervisor shouldn’t be able to cut you out of the loop or dump extra work on you, just to further their romantic pursuit.

Anyone can do those things, not just the subordinate your boss is courting.

Then she didn’t show up the next day, and I was asked to handle her files.

Fine, I remained a team player and above all, professional. Naomi stormed out of his office beet red and fuming.

All those steamy glances and whispered words to each other are making, me and the team, uncomfortable; of course, gossip is spreading fast around them throughout the office.

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Maybe you feel a genuine attraction to your boss and are hoping to pursue a relationship, or maybe you've read one of the (hotly debated!

That said though, even those in it for the most admirable of reasons probably have to admit that the challenge and the 'forbidden' nature of the whole thing makes it all the more appealing. Well once you're hooked you're hooked and there's probably no going back, so instead of reflecting on the difficulties involved any further let's look at solutions.

Q: My business partner is dating one of his direct reports.

Not only does it mean jeopardising our own career, but also potentially there's and the careers of your colleagues.

At the same time it is frowned upon by most people, and also a tad... All that means that a relationship with your boss could very well mean sneaking around the place and keeping things a secret and that's an incredibly stressful and difficult thing to do.


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