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Some cultures believe that photographs can steal your soul.While I find that a tad hard to believe (because, you know, I’m already soulless and empty inside), I do think a strategically placed camera could capture a picture that deceives the eye at first glance. A regular ol’ couple was feeling cute and mushy, so they decided to take a selfie to capture their love in real time. The boyfriend (presumably named Andy, courtesy of his Twitter handle) in this couple then posted the image to social media for the world to see, with the accompanying caption, “i love my girlfriend even if shes a gemini.While these red flags may not be deal-breakers, we suggest you proceed with awareness.After all, if you pay attention, no one can tell you, "I told you so."1. Often under the guise of wanting to help you — whether it's to improve an area of your life or to keep you from embarrassing yourself — men who find a way of criticizing your behavior and choices are flexing their control muscle.Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about the Down River Dick Whipper on the loose, Eddie Vedder is now dubbed as the “Betty White” of grunge, a family pet found two months after going missing when the house was caught on fire, a guy bit on the tongue while trying to kiss a rattle snake,…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a local woman topping the list of richest self-made women, when your partner said something that screwed you over, a dude busted jerking in in the parking lot of a Save-A-Lot store, a woman from Clarkston that won big on “The Price is Right,” a badass that wrestled…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Chris Cornell passing away at the age of 52 after playing a show at the Fox Theater last night, a driver that was struck by a huge piece of concrete kicked up on a local highway, a school that is possibly battling a bed bug infestation, and more!…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about whether a gesture was romantic or pathetic, a 100 mph chase over a woman who stole 0 worth of cleaning supplies, updates on the mystery tenant and shark humper from last week, a high school student who wouldn't behave had his dad sit with him in class, a…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a guy busted for offering liposuction procedures out of a barn, Betty White broke up with her lover because he couldn't bring it in the bedroom, a house party in Plymouth that got out of control, a skydiver that got stuck underneath an airplane, a nerd suing his…Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about bizarre things that people have hired someone to do, a 9 lb.

Adult DVDs: You're sure to find an adult video to suit you.

Listener's call in to describe something they do and the show decides if it's sane or psychotic.

Dave tries to track down an old taco shell jingle, tequila being good for your bones, and more!

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