Validating webpages

Shaun Anderson conducted an interesting validation test; Does Google like valid code? This experiment included 4 pages with the same content but a mixture of valid and non-valid HTML and CSS.The result was that Google picked up the page that had valid HTML and valid CSS and indexed this page over the rest.Total Validator is used by some of the top sites in the world and many government organisations, so why not join them today?Read more about Total Validator, and why Total Validator is better.But, for softwares running on machines, parsing and processing the HTML code of webpages and then rendering webpages, this step is definitely the first best step toward creating well coded and well designed webpages.More explanations on markup validation and HTML validation: CSS is a language dedicated to formatting web pages and to specifying appearance, colors, position, dimensions, alignment, formating, etc. The CSS language has specifications which have been set and have been agreed after years of discussion by the corporations in the world.Tweet As a web designer you’re encouraged to write valid code, but is it really important?I’ve took a look at the reasons behind validation and checked out 25 of the web’s most popular websites to see if they bother validating their code.

So if you forget to close a tag, Firefox might ignore this but Safari doesn’t and you end up with a broken layout.If your code is valid the browser has to do less thinking as it doesn’t have to correct any code, therefore the page will render faster.You never know what’s around the corner in regards to technology but the chances are that if you have valid (X)HTML, you’re ensuring that your website will work with future technologies.We recently discovered that the Model State class includes a method called Is Valid which basically validates forms, which we weren't aware of before. NET Web Pages tutorials you will realize that we usually used a nested If Else statement to validate user input, which is perfectly fine.However, this Model Valid method is possibly a better way to do it, plus it will display multiple errors.The W3C provides a public online HTML validator service that automatically checks a submitted webpage against most of the formal rules (semantic, syntax, document structure) of the HTML 4.01 specification and then reports any error found.


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