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Anako has stated that he wishes for the player to have full control over the protagonist’s stats and the way they can interact with the world at large.

Description In this game you will be able to play as an ordinary high school girl, who is starting a new life after a memory loss.

Most of your daily activities will be related to school life.

You will spent your time studying, participating in school clubs, working, dating, communicating with friends, exercising, reading, cooking, etc..

They're mostly mind-control or corruption themed, due to the nature of the site, but if those appeal to you, there's some gems there.

You need to register to see them, but that's quick and easy.

, has been making the new text-based RPG for quite a while now and has recently released an alpha demo of his title.

The game will focus heavily on exploring a sandbox world and will feature turn-based RPG and simulation mechanics.

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